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This is Jeff Hawkins, content reporter, with breaking news:
Attention, everyone, a new wave of mental innovation is invading the all-purpose advertising medium.
Business owners, take notice of the tired – or bland – attention your brand is receiving. Stand up and take a bold step. Check out the residence that was constructed through completing complex creative challenges. Check out, One Creative House.
Founded by a former PepsiCo marketing executive who played a key role developing the 1980s “Pepsi Generation” marketing campaign, One Creative House is an agency that builds brands to build profits.
Able to utilize vast experience working for and with Fortune 100 companies, One Creative House creator Kelly Smith is crafting a new type of media agency, one that does not shy away from unearthing unique answers to fresh campaigns.
Proud of the team Smith has assembled and its proven versatility, One Creative House boosts a list of high-power brands such as Chrysler, Lowe’s, Rubbermaid, Irwin Tools, Richard Petty Motorsports, among others.
Quoting Bill Moore,
“Although everyone now has the access to the communication tools, without the experience of success, the talent of creativity and an atmosphere of innovation, the finish product will always be flat instead of three dimensional.
There will always be the difference between the music produced by an untrained player of a piano and an experienced pianist. In the same way I believe new communication tools and changing markets will always produce a richer sound in the hand of experts.
I could feel that expertise and confidence as I spoke with each member of One Creative House.”
Curious yet?  Follow One Creative House’s lead and ride the new wave of advertising innovation. Quoting Colin Powell, “You have achieved excellence as a leader when people follow you everywhere, if only out of curiosity.”
This is Jeff Hawkins, reporting, and I will stay on this story …


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