World Be Kind


 Building brands with content writing.
We build brands with the power of words
World Be Kind will take the power of positive communication and use content to develop commerce. By developing commerce World Be Kind will be a brand that can show profitable results and continue to hire creative individuals to build the brand and products. This positive message will continue to grow and help change the attitude of the people in the world.
World Be Kind Unique Brand Promise
 Teaching kindness to the next generation
World Be Kind Sales Demographics
World Be Kind will focus on communication and education to young children. Therefore the visual images, communication and brand products must be attractive to young females and mothers. All communication will target females 18 – 30 years of age.
As we develop the brand there will be other opportunities to different demographics. But it is important that this brand maintain a high quality image and should be very selective on where and what products are associated with the brand.    
World Be Kind Communication Technology
World Be Kind will develop ideas into products and sell those products using the internet and ecommerce. World Be Kind embraces new forms of technology to help generate these new products and content into profitable results. It will become a basic business model of using social media to sell commerce.
Creative services used for the project:

Trademark Design
Brand Development
Product Innovation














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