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The Unique Promise of Value approach is a methodology developed to clarify your brands communication in order to achieve financial success. How you communicate determines how much money you make!
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Step 1 is to clearly identify, through a confidential 10 question survey process, your brands current value and communication with management
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In Step 2 One Creative House will closely analyze and examine your companys brand attitude. This examination centers on the unique promise of value and not on the product. Promise-centric communication focuses on how your product or service makes customers successful or enhances their lives in a vital way.
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Step 3 is to work with your team to articulate the Unique Promise of Value content that defines your brands culture and will take your brand to financial success.
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There should be creative logic and consistent communication in everything you do to support and nurture your Unique Promise of Value. It is important to build your brands net worth and not to have your brand communication just make noise.
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